Board Membership

Section 82 of the Architects Act 2002 prescribes the Membership of the Board, which comprises seven (7) Members appointed by the Governor in Council, each for a three-year term.

The Minister for Minister for Energy and Public Works nominates six (6) Members, being:

  • an academic head or an academic representative of a prescribed school of architecture,  who is also an architect or eligible for registration.  (The prescribed schools are currently: University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, Bond University);
  • a representative of the Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA), who is an architect or eligible for registration;
  • an architect who resides and undertakes architectural services in regional Queensland;
  • a lawyer of at least 10 years standing, with experience in the law relating to building and construction;
  • a person who has at least 10 years experience as a construction contractor in the building and construction industry;
  • a person who is not an architect who the Minister reasonably believes will represent community interests

The seventh Member is an architect elected by registered architects.  The Board conducts elections for this position every three years.

The Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson are selected from the Members of the Board, and are appointed to these roles by the Governor in Council.

Current Board Members:

  • Chairperson and elected architect:                                                                 Mr Bruce Medek        
  • Deputy Chairperson and Lawyer:                                                                    Ms Jennifer McVeigh           
  • AIA representative:                                                                                           Ms Alice Hampson
  • Regional architect:                                                                                            Ms Tania Dennis (Townsville)
  • School of Architecture Representative:                                                           Associate Professor Lindy Osborne Burton
  • Construction contractor:                                                                                  Ms Bridget Taylor
  • Non-architect community representative:                                                     Ms Debra Johnson

 The Registry:

The Registry for the Board is managed by a Registrar, Ms Anita Nikolaou, and Administration staff.