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A resource page containing links and information relating to current issues and changes architects are facing in their everyday practise.

School student injured by storage box lid

In March 2019, a young school student was injured when their head became trapped between two adjacent lids on a storage box in a playground. Each of the box’s heavy timber lids opened and closed independently and were supported by gas struts. The student put their head between a fully-opened lid and a partially-opened lid that was opening, trapping their head.

WHS Queensland has issued an Incident Alert in relation to this incident.  This incident alert includes tips on preventing future occurrences.

NCC 2019 was adopted by all States and the NT on 1 May!

A list of essential information you need to know about the adoption date can be found here

A NCC2019 Learning Outcomes question sheet can be found here that may be of use when looking at CPD.

Healthy and Safe Workplaces

Mentally Healthy Workplaces -  Mentally healthy workplaces have benefits for everyone this website offers toolkits, guidance, links to legislation, webinars and a whole heap more.

The Mental Health Commission also offers insight and assistanc

The Prequalification (PQC) system 

The Prequalification (PQC) system applies for consultants where the work being undertaken is a government building project as defined under the Capital Works Management Framework.

Government departments use the PQC system to source building industry consultants where the consultancy fee is either greater than $60,000 or any amount with a service risk rating of 3 or 4.

On the Business Qld website there is further information including who can apply, application forms, and other resources and guidelines:

Additionally it is worth noting that registration with QBuild may also be required should they be the group managing the procurement of services.

QBuild is the leading provider of construction and strategic building maintenance services for Queensland Government.

QBuild needs contractors, consultants and suppliers who operate in these industries, particularly businesses in regional Queensland.

They consult the register of contractors, consultants and suppliers when we go to market via a select list invitation process. Therefore, registration gives you more access to tender opportunities.

Your registration remains active for 2 years. After 2 years, you need to re-apply with us to stay registered. Registration is free.

Useful links

Code of Practice on the safe design of structures 2013.  

The code provides practical guidance to persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) who design structures that will be used, or could reasonably be expected to be used, as a workplace. This includes architects, building designers and engineers.
This code is also relevant for anyone making decisions that influence the design outcome, such as clients, developers and builders.
This code applies to the design of ‘structures’ defined under the WHS Act to mean anything that is constructed, whether fixed or moveable, temporary or permanent, and includes:

*  buildings, masts, towers, framework, pipelines, transport infrastructure and underground works (shafts or tunnels) 
*  any component of a structure 
*  part of a structure.