Part 2 - National Examination Paper (NEP)

Following a review of the APE Process there has been a number of changes to the the NEP.  The new format commenced in April 2018. 

The key changes are:

  • Online (computer based) delivery of the National Examination Paper.
  • 9 scenarios with each scenario having 5 multiple choice questions making a total of forty-five questions to be answered in 70 minutes.
  • each question is worth one mark. Correct answers are scored as one mark and incorrect answers as a zero mark.  
  • negative marking is removed.
  • all candidates receive feedback with their results based on the Performance Criteria.
The National Written Examination paper is conducted approximately six weeks after the closing date for applications to sit for the Architectural Practice Examination.

The examinations will still be conducted twice yearly.

Candidates who are successful in Part 1 of the process will be advised of the venue and time for the examination by email when the Logbooks have been assessed.

No books or computers may be brought into the examination room.  All personal belongings will be required to be locked in a secure location for the duration of the exam.

The updated AACA Procedure for APE Candidates, along with additional information regarding the changes is available for downloading from the AACA website This guide provides an outline of matters covered by the examination.   Revisions of that publication may be posted to the AACA website.