2023 Dates for APE Applications and Assessment

APE Round 2 2023 – Closing Date for Lodgement of Part 1 and 2 Applications  (Logbook and SOPE) = 4pm, Monday 10 July 2023

Application form for Part 1 and 2 including additional requirements

Applications to be submitted to the BOAQ, either hand delivered to Level 2/33 Queen Street Brisbane; sent by mail to GPO Box 316, BRISBANE, QLD 4001; or by email to: [email protected]Please note additional BOAQ submission SOPE requirements as per the application form.

APE Part 1 - Assessment of Submissions - Mid July 2023

APE Part 2 - National Examination Paper (NEP written examination) – will be held on Tuesday, 19 September 2023   (via remote proctoring)

APE Part 3 – Interview Exam.  Closing date for submissions = 20 October 2023.  Exams will be held in November at the BOAQ Registry.

ROUND 1 2024:

APE Part 1 – Closing Date for Lodgement of Part 1 Applications (Logbook and SOPE) = TBA

Please check back to confirm dates of other parts of the APE.  


  • Candidates must successfully complete all 3 parts of the APE within 2 years of successful completion of APE Part 2.
  • 2023 is the last year for completion of the APE Exams using the current NSCA 2015 and logbook.  Commencing 2024, all APE exams will be aligned with the new NSCA 2021 and the new logbook will apply for all applicants.  This includes candidates who are part way through their APE as at the commencement of 2024.  Further information on this can be found at www.aaca.org.au 

APE Fees:

  • Fee for Parts 1 & 2 = $730 (GST free).
  • Fee for Part 3 = currently $TBC (GST free).

All enquiries should be directed to [email protected], or telephone (07) 3069 2397.