Using the Search Register

A simple way for the public to protect themselves and ensure that the 'architect’ they are considering engaging for their project is, in fact, qualified and registered by the Board of Architects of Queensland (the BOAQ) under the Architects Act 2002 (the Act) to legally practise as an architect in Queensland, is to undertake a free search of the Queensland Register of Architects (Register), or verify the person’s architectural credentials with the BOAQ.

The BOAQ also encourages the use of its free search of the Register by anyone before referring to another person as being  an "architect”, offering "architectural services”, or representing that a building was 'architecturally designed’, so that they are confident that the person being held out as an architect is an architect, and ensure they avoid committing offences against the Act

Tips for Searching the Register

  • A search of the Register will currently only show architects who are registered by the BOAQ to practise in Queensland.
  • Searching is most effective if you limit your search to one field at a time (eg. Surname; or Qld. Registration Number). This will ensure a more accurate result.
  • If you are searching for a Qld. Registration Number, please prefix any 3 digit Registration numbers with a "0", to make it a valid 4 digit search.
  • Once the name of the architect is revealed, click on the architect’s name to see further details about the architect and their practice (including their registration number, place from where they are offering architectural services, contact details, and registration end date).
  • Please note there is a significant difference between practising and non-practising architects. While both categories of registered architects are allowed to use the title of "architect” as long as they remain registered, only practising architects are legally able to offer or provide architectural services in Queensland. Therefore, as non-practising architects are not providing architecture services, details about non-practising architects are limited on the public register.